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Women with bangs wearing teal satin headwrap with top knot - Vicky An Style
Three full sized satin head wraps laying flat colors Navy blue, Copper, and Teal green  - Vicky An Style
Navy blue Satin full sized head wrap for long hair - Vicky An Style
Satin copper Amara full sized head wrap folded - Vicky An Style


Amara Satin Head Wraps

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Spice up your hair scarf collection with the Amara luxe satin head wraps in rich jewel tones. Amara hair scarfs are the perfect satin head wraps for natural hair and all hair types. Keeping it hydrated; we want to ensure your curls and coils will never be left thirsty. Let’s not forget, each uniquely crafted hair wrap is elegant, bold, stylish, and multi-functional. What’s not to love?!

Whether you’re pressed for time, out to brunch with your best babes, or your wash and GO turns into a wash and NO; our head wraps got your back! 


Fabric: Satin 

Measurements: 72' x 20'(L x W) 

*Head wraps are handcrafted; size may vary

Product Care - Wash in cold water on delicate with like colors and air dry. Hang dry or tumble dry on low heat to release wrinkles after wash

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

The material is beautiful and high quality and the color is everything! The length is perfect, it’s easy to style and it spices up whatever you wear it with. NOT to mention protecting those roots. It really does feel so nice to the touch. I love it!

Renata Thakurdyal

Th customer experience was amazing! Vicky was able to give me a hands on shopping experience by coming to my house. She was super professional, detail oriented, and patient as she showed me different styles and colors. She even gave me a tutorial on how i could wrap the scarves. I had intended on buying one of the head wraps but instead got 3 different colors in the Amara Satin headwrap after feeling and seeing the quality of the product. I can't wait to see future collections and added colors!