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About us


Vicky An Style was created in 2019 in Jamaican founder Victoria Carter’s Bronx apartment. Her mission is to provide easily accessible functional garments with a unique flair that embodies black culture. What motivated her you ask? Well three things; her love of head pieces, her passion for vintage clothing, and being one’s authentic self  in all spaces.  

As a natural hair female she was always on the hunt for new quick protective styles that would accommodate her busy work schedule. She loved her head wraps but found the cotton to be damaging and harsh. Next challenge: finding easily accessible quality satin lined hair wraps that compliments an eccentric wardrobe. That’s when she had an “ah ha” moment and V.A.S was born.


“Being a part-time basketball coach, full-time store manager, and starting a business; I didn’t have the time to do my hair everyday. It was really that simple” - Vicky


Head wraps have been a cultural staple for women of color for centuries.Now more than ever we are expressing and embracing our culture in spaces we hadn’t before. We represent women of color in all our unique glory. Embracing how eccentric, brilliant and multi-faceted we are through every piece. We celebrate sisterhood providing a safe space to be who we are unapologetically. When wearing any V.A.S pieces every woman will feel empowered, powerful, and represented. 

We are culture, expression, self-love, and positive representation wrapped up in beautifully constructed pieces & garments. Our dedication does not stop at protecting your tresses and making sure you look good; we want you to feel good too. We are committed to cultivating a space to celebrate all things melanin.


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