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Happy Independence Day Jamaica

Today we commemorate one of the most beautiful islands in the world, the 59th year of independence. After 150 year rule by Spain, JA was conquered and ruled by the British for 300 hundred years. On August 6th 1962 Jamaica flew the black, gold, and green flag for the first time, Officially signifying its separation from the British rule.
 For such a small island it’s impact and influence on world culture is nothing but astonishing. Growing some of the most elite Olympic sprinters in the world (they can run run), the home of reggae/dancehall, breathtaking beaches, vibrant culture, lively people, Bob Marley, and bomb ass food (jerk everything with a side of rice & peas with plantain please!); will rejoice and celebrate how Jamaica knows best!! 
-Jamaican national motto

Happy Independence Day Jamaica!!!

Big Up Unnu Self
-Vicky Carter

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